IB B&M Royal Danish Bearings May/Nov 2013

IB B&M Royal Danish Bearings May/Nov 2013 - Network Licence

IB B&M Royal Danish Bearings May/Nov 2013 - Network Licence

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A superb, comprehensive teacher and student support pack for the IB Business & Management Case Study on Royal Danish Bearings for exams in May & November 2013:

How to use this Paper 1 Case Study Pack

The Paper 1 Case Study Pack has been produced by Paul Hoang to help colleagues and students in their preparations for the May/November 2013 Paper 1 examination (Royal Danish Bearings).

The comprehensive RDB Case Study Pack resources include:

1. Definitions of all the key terms in the case study. Over 120 key terms/phrases have been identified and defined in the context of the Royal Danish Bearings case study.

2. A time line of all events in the case study.

3. A personnel profile of all the people featured in the case study.

4. An applied SWOT analysis of Royal Danish Bearings.

5. A PEST analysis for Royal Danish Bearings.

6. True or False questions – 10 questions each week for 6 weeks to test students’ recall and understanding of the case study.

7. Comprehension quiz questions – 10 short comprehension questions each week for 9 weeks to help students learn the case study.

8. Country context for RDB – Detailed country profiles produced for China, India and Brazil, written in the context of the case study.

9. Exam-style questions with mark allocations, using learning outcomes from the B&M syllabus. Choose from over 230 exam-style questions that can be used for independent or collaborative work, homework, assessments and practise exams.

10. Paper 1 mock exam for both HL and SL, with accompanying mark schemes.

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