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Pass the Buck (Punctuation)

Pass the Buck: Punctuation Edition - Network Licence

Pass the Buck: Punctuation Edition - Network Licence

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The purpose of this activity is to test and review the progress of Key Stage 2 pupils aiming at taking their SPAG tests at the end of Year 6. The activity assumes there is prior knowledge and teaching of the core principles behind colons and semicolons has already taken place.

The ‘Pass the Buck’ activity is aimed at testing the positioning of a colon or semicolon within a sentence/phrase and also testing a pupil’s choice about which punctuation to use in a fun and interactive way.

The use of Powerpoint:

Note: This activity has embedded ‘macros’. You will be prompted when opening the Powerpoint file to enable these macros - you must enable the macros for the file to work.

Powerpoint is the chosen medium for this activity for the following reasons:

1. It allows for editing – the given words and phrases used within the file can be altered by the teacher to match and suit the needs of their own pupils. The game can be used once or several times and the scores for the teams can be saved and used for as many sessions as the teacher wishes

2. It does not need to be online – the resource is a stand-alone resource and can be used without an internet connection

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Some screenshots from Pass the Buck (Punctuation)  PowerPoint Game
Some more screenshots from Pass the Buck (Punctuation)  PowerPoint Game