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Economics - UK Housing Market 2007 - Network Licence

Price:   £25.00£29.38 Including VAT
The new 2007 edition of Housing Market Economics has been published. Designed for students taking the AQA AS Unit 3 paper (Markets at Work) the new study companion provides a completely up to date analysis of the economics of the UK housing market.

This year the resource contains the following new features:

• Five Housing Mini Case Studies and questions for discussion
• A selection of 35 links to audio-visual resources on the housing market from BBC news online
• A fully updated housing economics glossary
• Ten updated PowerPoint presentations

Over eighty pages, the resource considers the following topics:

Overview of the UK Housing Market
The Pattern of Housing Tenure
Explaining the Growth of Home Ownership in the UK
Home ownership and renting – comparing the costs and benefits
The Private Costs of Running a Home
Housing Demand
Elasticity of Demand for Housing
The Aggregate Demand for Housing
The Mortgage Market
Supply-side factors in the UK Housing Market
Factors Affecting New Housing Supply
Rented Housing and the Buy-To-Let Boom
Market Failure in Housing
Government Intervention in Housing
Interest Rates and the Housing Market
The Regional Housing Market

Housing and the Economy
Recent Trends in the UK Housing Market
House Prices and National Income
The Housing Market and the Savings Ratio
Housing and Aggregate Demand
House Prices and Inflation
Housing and the Balance of Payments
Housing and Unemployment
Difficulties in Forecasting House Price Movements

Current Government Housing Policy


Economics - UK Housing Market 2007 - Copy CD Economics - UK Housing Market 2007 - Copy CD
Please note: you cannot order Copy CDs on their own - you must also buy a valid network licence 

Price:   £1.50£1.76 Including VAT



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