Business Studies CPD

AQA BUSS4 Section A 2014 Research Briefing

High quality CPD to help teachers set up and manage an effective Section A research process for their AQA BUSS4 students as they prepare for the exam in June 2014. A whole day on the research theme on China. Just two dates left in Feb 2014.

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TBBLE - The Best Business Lesson Ever! 2014

Just four dates left to attend TBBLE 2014 - the UK's most popular CPD programme for ALL business teacherrs, packed with brand new teaching & learning resources

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Details of upcoming resource-packed CPD course for Business Studies are provided in the sections below. If you would like more information, including details of latest availability, please email our Events Coordinator Janet Cahill. You can also find more information about tutor2u's CPD support for Business Studies on the Business Studies Blog.